The reason why not to use Honey: Automatic Coupons

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What is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.

So, it is simple. One has to install their chrome extension and that’s it.

What exactly Honey does?

As mentioned above that it automatically finds and applies coupon on various e-commerce and online shopping sites when you click on the apply coupon codes in the extension. Honey actually tries out different coupon codes just like a human does. However, not all of those coupons do not work. So, what Honey does is, it will keep trying on the coupons until it finds a correct working one.

What I encountered as a flaw?

Incident 1

Once, I was shopping from an e-commerce website which was also a site listed on Honey’s chrome extension.

So, I moved forward to checkout and tried applying Honey’s magic service on it. And as they promise, it started applying coupon codes to the coupon input box.

But, it stopped in between and thrown an error saying “You have reached the limit of entering coupons.” This error was not from Honey but from the e-commerce input box.

So now, I cannot add any coupon for my purchase as Honey already tried and exceeded the limit of adding discount codes.

So, it seemed sad when I knew that I cannot even add a working coupon if I find one in future from any other site.

Incident 2

This time I had to order something from Amazon. So, this was the second time I give Honey a try to make me feel worth it.

And when I clicked on the extension, it showed me a number of coupon codes which were listed as working. So, due to my bad past experience, I tried myself instead of letting Honey automatically add them.

I tried all of them but none of them worked. So, this was the time when I gave up on Honey.


I think Honey still needs some exposure to the online shopping market and needs to add more codes to win their customer’s trust. Just that your product works on a few countries does not mean you are globally ready to release it.

That’s all folks. Comment down your views on Honey. :)




Author | Product Engineer at Synup | Founder @quotesdonut

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Parth Patel

Parth Patel

Author | Product Engineer at Synup | Founder @quotesdonut

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