Rank My Place: Reviews on Best Schools in India

Rank My Place is a school reviewing platform. One can review their or their kids school and rate them on a mark of 10. This is first ever Indian school reviewing platform specifically built to review schools.

Nowadays, parents are worried for what is the best school to put the children in. Usually, they ask their neighbors and then decide the nearest school. But, they still end up with the wrong school. So, Rank My Place will help them find the best school nearby their house by school reviews posted by real students and parents.

It is very simple to leave a school review on RankMyPlace.com, one just needs to register themselves and find the school they want to review based on their experience and post it. Some reviews might go for fraud check for schools with high reputation.

One can find various details which normally parents are concern about such as school fees, school distance, amenities, etc.

Rank My Place is a single stop solution of finding the best school. Also, schools do not need to worry about how to get more inquiries of students as our tool gives a call for admission CTA for letting parents directly contact school for further details.

That’s all. Visit Rank My Place for experiencing out the best schools in your city.



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Parth Patel

Parth Patel

Author | Full Stack Developer at Community Agency