How to install Windows 11?

Windows 11 Installation Guide By Parth Patel

Step 1

First we need the installation file for Windows 11. Here is the Windows 11 ISO which you can directly download. Just click on it.

Step 2

Now we need a software called Rufus to create a Windows 11 bootable USB drive. Download Rufus from here.

Rufus Configuration for Windows 11 Installation
  • Insert and select the USB drive on which you want to boot Windows 11 installation.
  • Then, select the downloaded Windows 11 ISO file.
  • Lastly, refer the above image and set the exact same Rufus configuration mentioned to successfully write Windows 11 on your USB drive.

Step 3

Reboot your system and enter into your boot menu. The most common ways to enter a boot menu are by pressing one of the following keys on you keyboard while your machine is starting up:

  • F2 Key
  • F10 Key
  • F12 Key
  • esc Key

Step 4

Follow the setup options, they are as simple as installing Windows 8 or 10. If you have done it before, then they also looks very familiar like the one below.

Language Select Windows 11
  • Select your preferred language and keyboard and click on the Next button.
Install Windows 11
  • Click on Install now button.
Activate Windows 11
  • Click on I don’t have a product key at the bottom right on the window.
  • Select your desired Windows OS. Windows 11 Pro is recommended.
Notices and license terms
  • Checkmark the option and click on Next.
Choose type of installation
  • Choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option.
Choose a drive
  • Choose a drive to install Windows 11. You can also make partitions of your own, it is up to you. Then click on Next.
Installing Windows
  • The installation may hardly take 15–20 minutes depending on your system capacity. Wait and relax until then. Do not turn off your device until the installation gets completed.
  • The device will automatically restart once Windows 11 is installed.

Step 5

Windows 11



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