How to convert your Quotes Donut quotes to NFTs?

Step 1: Install & create Your MetaMask account.

MetaMask Chrome Extension
MetaMask Chrome Extension
MetaMask Extension
MetaMask Password Set
MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase
MetaMask Wallet

Step 2: Go to and login with MetaMask account.

OpenSea Login
MetaMask OpenSea Permission Window
Logged In OpenSea with MetaMask
Create NFT Permission Window
Create NFT Page on OpenSea
Quotes Donut Page
Filled Details on OpenSea Create NFT
Blockchain Selection
Quotes Donut’s Very First NFT
Quotes Donut NFT
Quotes Donut NFT selling page
Unlock Selling Functionality
Unlock Polygon Currency
Switching Network
Network Change Request Approval
Sign final contract
NFT on Sale!




Author | Product Engineer at Synup | Founder @quotesdonut

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Parth Patel

Parth Patel

Author | Product Engineer at Synup | Founder @quotesdonut

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