Quotes Donut | FAQ’s | How to earn money?

Parth Patel
3 min readDec 25, 2020

Can I earn money by writing quotes? How?

Yes you will. We are right now running monthly contests until we give you an update for earning system. You can stay tuned with our social media channels for participating in them.

May I use my quotes posted on Quotes Donut on other social platforms and submit elsewhere for publishing?

Of course. Your quotes belongs to you only. We are happy to see you grow. Treat QD as a writing/publishing platform, as a social media where you first publish and share — and you can republish anywhere you wish.

In near future, we are planning to monetize your content, we will let you know and give you the royalty. However, that’s what will earn you money. So you can relax and keep writing.

Why do you watermark all the quotes with Quotes Donut?

The watermark helps us grow and reach to more writers like you organically. We do not want to disturb the audience with heavy watermarks, so we have added one in the bottom, respecting ones writing.

Also, the watermark helps readers reach you later on Quotes Donut as your quote travels around the globe. Basically, we travel with you and this also shows that you are a part of Quotes Donut family.

How can I get more reads on Quotes Donut?

Every social media requires dedication to the content. At Quotes Donut, you need to focus in terms of sharing externally. Share to your writer friends, engage with the popular ones and share others content too. Besides, it’s also true to say that your quotes need to be genuine to keep your followers attracted.

How can I improve my writing style?

Read good books. Read good articles. Practice from them. You will surely improve from them. The second main task is being active and being eager to learn. There are writers on Quotes Donut whom you can contact from their Author page. Always appreciate if someone tries to correct you. At last, follow Quotes Donut on social media, we keep sharing helpful content.

May I hide my name and only use my Pen Name?

We respect privacy. We believe that every writer should have their Pen name on their quotes. We will never show your real names, but still you can use them as Pen names if you want.

How long would it take for my quotes to show up on Google or other Search Engines?

With our powerful SEO experts formula, it generally takes anywhere between 48–96 hours to show up on Google, if you have posted 25+ original quotes, provided your name doesn’t match with any celebrity or is extremely common.

Why was my post deleted from Quotes Donut?

Because your post might have found guilty of either of these three:

  1. Plagiarism: Your quote turned out to be a copy of an already published quote.
  2. Spam: Your quote was spam — either gibberish or political propaganda or business promotions.
  3. Abuse: You used language not suited for our community.

For any other help on Quotes Donut, whom can I contact?

Write to us at parth@quotesdonut.com



Parth Patel

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